Unlocking the Secret Character in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has a hidden party member that players can unlock with a bit of effort. This secret character, Ms. Mowz, is the seventh playable party member in the game and is often overlooked by players if they don’t know what to do. However, unlocking Ms. Mowz can be incredibly beneficial due to her unique field skill that helps in uncovering hidden treasures throughout the game.

To unlock Ms. Mowz as a party member, players need to complete a specific side quest that becomes available after returning to Rogueport following the conclusion of Chapter 4 in Twilight Town. The side quest involves visiting the Trouble Center on the city’s eastern side and picking up the “Elusive Badge” quest. This quest leads players to the roof of Zess T’s house, where they will meet “???” the questgiver, who is none other than Ms. Mowz in disguise. She will task players with finding an elusive badge in Hooktail’s room, hinting that the secret lies in the power of the wind.

Players will need to revisit Hooktail Castle, specifically Hooktail’s room, where they fought the giant dragon in Chapter 1. The journey back to the castle can be tedious, as all the enemies (except Hooktail) will have respawned. It’s advisable to avoid unnecessary battles along the way, as they yield minimal experience points. Once in Hooktail’s room, players must use Flurrie’s field skill to blow away a hidden paper panel that conceals a chest. This panel is unique, as it has no visible edges, requiring precise positioning to reveal the treasure.

Ms. Mowz’s combat abilities are a combination of offense and support, making her a versatile party member. She has a slap attack that bypasses enemy defense and a skill that restores 10 HP to Mario. However, her field skill is what sets her apart from other party members. Ms. Mowz has the ability to sniff out hidden treasure, making it easier for players to locate valuable items like Star Pieces. While most hidden treasures may only contain Star Pieces, these are essential for purchasing some of the best badges in the game.

When deciding whether to upgrade Ms. Mowz, players should consider her damage output in comparison to other party members like Bobbery, Vivian, or Koops. While Ms. Mowz’s abilities are useful for uncovering hidden treasures, her combat skills may not be as potent as other party members. It’s recommended to prioritize upgrading other party members before investing in Ms. Mowz, especially if players are looking to optimize their team for battle scenarios.

Unlocking Ms. Mowz as a party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door can greatly enhance the gameplay experience by providing valuable assistance in uncovering hidden treasures. Players who are diligent in completing the side quest and utilizing Ms. Mowz’s unique abilities will benefit from her presence in their party throughout their adventures in the game.


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