Wizards of the Coast Accused of Using AI-Generated Art for Magic: The Gathering Cards

Wizards of the Coast, the company behind popular card game Magic: The Gathering, is once again facing accusations of using AI-generated images. This time, the allegations are centered around the company’s promotion of new cards. On January 4, the official Magic: The Gathering Twitter account shared a photo showcasing retro-styled lands with the caption: “It’s positively shocking how good these lands look in retro frame. #MTGRavnica.”

Shortly after the tweet was posted, some Twitter users expressed their suspicions, claiming that the image appeared to be AI-generated with human touch-ups. This sentiment was echoed by many, and the controversy began to gain traction. In response to the accusations, Magic: The Gathering issued a follow-up post, stating that the art was indeed created by humans and not AI. The company acknowledged the confusion caused by the different art style but reiterated their stance.

Wizards of the Coast has been working tirelessly to restore fans’ trust following previous incidents involving AI-generated art. In the past, the company came under fire when it was discovered that AI was used for a sourcebook called Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants. In response, Wizards of the Coast reassessed its processes and artist guidelines, explicitly prohibiting the use of AI art generation in the development of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) products.

However, even after taking steps to address the issue, the company faced additional allegations. A YouTuber falsely accused Wizards of the Coast of employing AI for another book, tarnishing the company’s reputation further. Although the accusations were later proven to be baseless, the damage had already been done.

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Magic: The Gathering cards, Wizards of the Coast has once again reiterated its commitment to not using AI generative tools. The company made a blog post condemning the use of AI and emphasized that artists, writers, and all creatives contributing to the game must refrain from its usage. This explicit statement aims to assure fans that Wizards of the Coast remains dedicated to preserving the integrity of their artwork and maintaining transparency in their creative process.

Despite the controversy, Magic: The Gathering continues to captivate its fanbase. In other news, the game recently announced a collaboration with the Fallout series, further expanding its appeal and offering exciting new possibilities for players.

The recent allegations of Wizards of the Coast using AI-generated art for Magic: The Gathering cards have once again brought the company under intense scrutiny. Although the company has faced similar accusations in the past, it has consistently reaffirmed its commitment to producing artwork created solely by humans. As fans continue to voice their concerns, the responsibility lies with Wizards of the Coast to uphold their promises and regain the trust of their loyal players. Moving forward, it is essential for the company to foster transparent communication and adhere to their stated guidelines, ensuring that AI is not utilized in the creation of Magic: The Gathering products. By prioritizing the integrity of their art, Wizards of the Coast can rebuild their reputation and secure the loyalty of their passionate fanbase.

For more updates on Magic: The Gathering, stay tuned to our coverage of the latest collaboration with the Fallout series.


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