Xbox Confirms Advanced Next-Gen Console and Expanded Game Availability

Xbox leadership has officially reaffirmed its dedication to delivering a highly advanced next-generation console. During a recent episode of the Xbox Podcast, Xbox Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, president Sarah Bond, and studio head Matt Booty clarified that Xbox has no intention of withdrawing from the console race. Bond explained that their focus is on providing players with the most significant technical leap ever seen in a hardware generation, which will benefit both players and creators.

Contrary to rumors indicating a shift towards reduced exclusivity, Xbox is planning to make a small selection of previously exclusive games available on other platforms. This move demonstrates Xbox’s commitment to cross-platform play and inclusivity. While exclusive games will continue to be a part of the industry, Spencer emphasized that their significance will diminish over the next five to ten years.

The Future for Xbox Fans

Xbox fans need not fear a dark future in terms of game availability. The confirmation from Xbox leadership brings relief to fans who were concerned about potential exclusivity reductions. Though specific titles have not been disclosed, it is clear that the upcoming releases will not include “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” or “Starfield.”

In addition to the statement made on the Xbox Podcast, further information can be found in a blog post by Jeff Rubenstein on Xbox Wire. Rubenstein teased the first Activision Blizzard game that will be included in Game Pass, but did not provide specific details about the title.

Xbox remains committed to delivering an advanced next-generation console and expanding game availability to other platforms. This news reflects the industry trend of increased cross-platform play and inclusivity. While the landscape of exclusivity may change in the coming years, Xbox fans can look forward to an exciting future filled with innovative gaming experiences.


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